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September 2015. Pictured are (front row) Maria Long, Marta Byrska-Bishop, Nergiz Dogan; (back row) Jacob Wozniak, Cheryl Keller Capone, Ross, Belinda Giardine, Tao Yang.

Photos of lab folks in earlier years

Lab reunion article in Genome Technology, June 2009, about training in the Hardison lab, entitled "Data is Truth" (by Matthew Dublin).

Ross Hardison is the T. Ming Chu Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Penn State University. Ross and his co-workers (who are part of the Center for Comparative Genomics and Bioinformatics) measure transcriptome profiles and use epigenetic marks (such as transcription factor occupancy and histone modifications) and comparative genomics to predict gene regulatory modules. We test these predictions for function in the laboratory, and work to pull all this together into a more thorough understanding of global regulation during hematopoiesis. The techniques developed and utilized in this and associated labs should be applicable to a wide variety of regulated systems and organismal groups.



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