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LASTZ is a program for aligning DNA sequences, a pairwise aligner. Originally designed to handle sequences the size of human chromosomes and from different species, it is also useful for sequences produced by NGS sequencing technologies such as Roche 454.

Citing LASTZ

Harris, R.S. (2007) Improved pairwise alignment of genomic DNA. Ph.D. Thesis, The Pennsylvania State University.

That Ph.D. thesis is here.


  • Source code for release 1.04.15  (gzipped tar file of source code; 1.04.15, 2021-Aug-26)
             ↑↑Note that that is NOT the latest official release. Official releases are now distributed via github.
  • LASTZ documentation   ( what’s new in lastz-1.04.15)
  • LASTZ repository on github.
             ↑↑That is where the latest official release can be found.
  • Documentation for the LAV alignment format  (default output from LASTZ)
  • Bob Harris’s Ph.D. Thesis, describing LASTZ.
  • Older releases, including the long time "official" release 1.02.00
  • Other releases, between Jan/2010 and Aug/2021  (Some not officially released)
  • Related tools  (As is, with little or no documentation)

  • Miller Lab main page


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