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We are generating datasets informative for both comparative genomics and epigenetic regulation of gene expression during hematopoiesis (especially erythroid and myeloid differentiation in mouse). These are deposited in appropriate databases. The information on this page not only provides pointers to those resources, it also has links to datasets derived from the initial data, such as the collection of DNA segments that show conservation of transcription factor occupancy between mouse and human.

If you use these datasets, please cite the listed reference in any publications.

Mouse ENCODE: Conservation of occupancy by transcription factors between mouse and human

Dynamics of transcription factor occupancy and RNA production during mouse hematopoietic differentiation to megakaryocytes and erythroblasts (Mouse ENCODE)

Dynamics of the epigenetic landscape during GATA1-dependent erythroid maturation in mouse: Histone modifications, DNase sensitivity, TAL1 and GATA2 binding genome-wide

Mapping DNA segments occupied by GATA1 and the response in gene expression throughout the the mouse erythroid genome; Distinguishing induction from repression

Identification of DNA segments occupied by GATA1 on mouse chromosome 7, and demonstration that binding site motifs in enhancers are subject to evolutionary constraint

Predictions of erythroid cis-regulatory modules and results of experimental tests

Predictions of cis-regulatory modules genome-wide

Reference sets of known CRMs in the human beta-globin gene complex

Microarray expression results on MEL_RL5 cells induced to mature to hemoglobinized erythroblasts with HMBA.

Conservation and constraint in ENCODE predicted transcriptional regulatory regions

Co-variation in frequencies of substitution, deletion, transposition and recombination during eutherian evolutions

Presentations on using vertebrate genome comparisons and epigenetics to predict and test cis-regulatory modules

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